LDO Regulator


 Silergy Corp. is founded by a group of technology innovators and business leaders from Silicon Valley. Top design leaders average 20 years experience. All founders have excellent track record in business, technology and engineering.


Part NumberFunctionVin(V)Vout(V)Iout (A)Dropout Voltage(V)Package
Matching parts:3
:  3CH LDO Regulator
:  LDO Regulator
:  2.8-5.5
:  3.6-5.5
:  1.2
:  Vo1=1.8V,Vo2=2.8V,Vo3=2.8V
:  Vo1=1.8V,Vo2=2.8V,Vo3=3.3V
:  SOT23-6
:  SOT89-3
SY63313CH LDO Regulator3.6-5.5Vo1=1.8V,Vo2=2.8V,Vo3=2.8V0.150.15SOT23-6
SY63303CH LDO Regulator3.6-5.5Vo1=1.8V,Vo2=2.8V,Vo3=3.3V0.150.15SOT23-6
SY6306BLDO Regulator2.8-

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