SYT01L05ANC - Low Capacitance TVS Protection


  • Transient protection for high-speed data lines

IEC 61000-4-2(ESD)   ±15kV (Air)

±12kV (Contact)

IEC 61000-4-5 (Surge) 2A(8/20μs)

  • Protects one data, control or power line
  • Low capacitance: 3.0pF (Typical)
  • Low leakage current: 0.1μA @ VRWM (Typical)
  • Low clamping voltage
  • Each I/O pin can withstand over 1000 ESD strikes for ±8kV contact discharge

Typical Application


SYT01L05ANC is a low-capacitance Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS) designed to provide electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection for data, control or power lines. With typical capacitance of 3.0pF only, SYT01L05ANC is designed to protect parasitic-sensitive systems against over-voltage and over-current transient events. It complies with IEC 61000-4-2(ESD), Level 4 (±15kV air, ±12kV contact discharge), IEC 61000-4-5(Surge) (2A, 8/20μs), etc.

SYT01L05ANC uses SOD-523 package. Each SYT01L05ANC device can protect one data line. It offers system designers flexibility to protect single data line where space is a premium concern.


  • Portable Electronics
  • Desktops, Servers and Notebooks
  • Cellular Phones
  • MP3 Ports
  • Digital Camera Ports
  • Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card

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